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It's 200 years in the future. The world has flourished under the protection of "Earth's Defender", Shadow the Hedgehog. His name has long been forgotten, except by his friend, Omega, whom he has pushed away in order to build up his walls and force out distractions.

Eggman Nega, a new villain to replace the old, has sprung up to try and conquer the Earth, but so far all attempts have been struck down by Shadow.

Unlike in Sonic 06, this future is not destroyed or set ablaze. It's alive and well, and filled with happiness, just as Maria wanted. However, the heroes from 200 years prior do not exist. Sonic and his friends (except the robots) have all grown old and died, while Shadow has stayed the same and watched them all perish.

There are more heroes to replace the old ones, but they find their skills are often unneeded due to Shadow's protection.

Since it was stated that Blaze's world is the future, it's safe to say that that is the world that Shadow now protects. But because he stays so far away from anyone that wants to interact with him, many either don't know about him or have never really seen him for long. They don't even know his name.

Just that "He protects the Earth and watches over us... just like a shadow."

Characters that exist in the future:

Eggman Nega
Silver the Hedgehog
Blaze the Cat
Marine the Raccoon
Metal Sonic (?)


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